What was said to the rose that made it open
was said to me here in my chest.


What Do I Teach?

I am a certified instructor of Kripalu Yoga, which uses breath and movement to augment self-awareness, strengthen and stretch the body, and enhance well-being. I approach yoga as a process of self-discovery and healing.

Why Do I Teach?

I teach to share my enthusiasm and gratitude for the remarkable science of yoga. Through yoga I have enjoyed a feeling of inner spaciousness and daily rejuvenation. I believe that I have avoided injury as a professional massage therapist thanks to consistent yoga practice. In addition, I teach yoga because of the enthusiasm and persistence of my wonderful students!

Where Do I Teach?

Currently, no weekly class is being offered. Please check this website for updates or call (607) 229-3127.

What Is Hatha Yoga and What Are Its Benefits?

Yoga is an ancient practice with a history thousands of years old. The category of yoga called Hatha Yoga uses the body as a “sacred doorway” through which we focus our awareness and access our innate potential for health and wholeness. The techniques of Hatha Yoga use the body, the breath and the mind. All of the body’s systems benefit: Muscular, skeletal, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, immune, circulatory and digestive. Benefits to the mind include concentration, clarity, inner stillness, and self-observation. On the emotional plane, consistent practice can bring tranquility, self-acceptance, and a base of deep relaxation.

Do You Need To Be Flexible As A Pretzel?

In Sanskrit,
   Ha = Sun
   Tha = Moon
   Yug (as in Yoga) = Union

Hatha Yoga, the yoga of physical well-being, is thus Sun-Moon Union—a way to unite seeming opposites, like mind and body. Kripalu yoga as I teach it emphasizes pleasure and inner guidance as the mechanisms that allow our body’s intelligence to express itself. Through physical movement, we still the busy mind so we can experience ourselves at a level that is deeper than our thoughts. It is the quality of movement that counts, not the degree of intensity. Therefore, you emphatically do not need to be a pretzel to practice Kripalu yoga.

In contrast, if you are very strong or flexible, or you desire a vigorous practice, Kripalu encourages you to create a dynamic practice so that your mind can be fully engaged by the level of sensation and intensity. The important thing is to stay connected with the invitation of your own body.

What makes Kripalu Yoga unique?

Take in these words from the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Development Manual:

Kripalu Yoga is in its essence a response to the primal wisdom of prana, with no techniques to perfect, no goals to be achieved, no routine to follow.

Kripalu yoga is a three-stage method, which I incorporate to some extent in all of my classes. Over time, Stage 1 introduces you to various yoga postures and breathing practices. Stage 2 is more of an internal practice, using longer holding times and a developed witness consciousness to move through limitations. In Stage 3, an intuitive guidance moves your body from one position to another.